I just ordered, now what?

We are excited for you! We ship all orders within a week of the purchase date. You will receive one designer necktie and a pair of socks.


What kind of ties and socks will I receive?

We offer designer ties and socks. These are the same ties and socks that you see in major department stores and upscale boutiques. The socks may be dress socks, or colored ankle socks.


Can I choose what tie and socks I will receive?

Part of the fun is being surprised. We put together a tie and often (not always) matching pair of socks. We have a variety of ties and socks so nobody will receive the same combination.


Do you offer extra long ties or socks?

All of our neckties and socks are the standard size that you find in department stores.


What if I don’t like my tie or socks?

We have a variety of designs that we send out each month. If you don’t like one, you will receive a different one the next month. You’d be surprised how many people don’t like a tie, but get a ton of compliments once they wear it.


Can I order more than one membership?

Yes, you can order as many as you like, but you will need to use a different email address if you plan to send them to different addresses. They make great gifts.


How do I update my information?

You can change your address or cancel from My Account.

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